Thursday, December 28, 2006


By BS Brash

My totem pole is bigger than your totem pole? There is a little known fight going on between some tourist traps trying to position themselves as “The World’s Largest Totem Pole”, however it eventually turns out, one of the high spots on The Mother Road is the “Really” Big Totem Pole at Foyil Oklahoma.

It is one of the attractions of Old Route 66! Ed Galloway's unique park in which he built the world's largest totem pole park, it is completely made from concrete and has been restored by the Rogers County Historical Society, the Kansas Grass Roots Art Association and the Foyil Heritage Association working together. Ed Galloway was also known for his hand carved violins and wood pictures. In his earlier years he taught young people to carve wood. In 1999, the park was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

"All my life, I did the best I knew. I built these things by the side of the road to be a friend to you."
Ed Galloway

The Totem Pole Park is 4 miles east of Foyil Oklahoma and Route 66 on Oklahoma Highway 28A, Northeast of Claremore Oklahoma.

If you are a Route 66 Nut like I am, you must make a quick drive through nearby Foyil Oklahoma! It is reminiscent of the way things used to be on Old Route 66 because Foyil's main street is an actual remnant of the original Route 66. Old Route 66 actually continues on thru town to return to the currant Route 66, I promise you that a drive down it is like a trip back thru time to Old Route 66.

Oklahoma has the largest segment of Old Route 66 of any the eight states it labored across. As a result, Oklahoma has many Route 66 tales to pass along. Some of which I will be talking about in the future.

Until then, remember, Route 66 Forever!

BS Brash Copyright 2006

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