Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2007 Ford Geiger Mustang GT 520


How much excitement and sporty character can the current Ford Mustang really offer? The answer to this question delivers 520 hp / 382.7 kW, reaches a top speed of 287 km/h, and in addition to racing-inspired body styling painted a hot orange offers an exclusive interior with 10,000-watt sound system. The show car Mustang GT 520 from (Truderinger Str. 265, D-81825 Munich, phone: +49 / (0) 89 / 42 71 64 13, fax: +49 / (0) 89 / 42 71 64 10, e-mail:, website:, Europe's leading tuner of American automobiles, demonstrates the true potential of the reborn sports car legend.

More power through more displacement and supercharge the whole thing to boot is the recipe behind's performance tuning of the Mustang GT V8 engine. Displacement was increased from 4.6 to 5.2 liters, and the engine was extensively reworked. Precision-machining of both cylinder heads, installing sport camshafts and reinforcing the valvetrain are part of the power treatment as is a belt-driven supercharger with generously dimensioned intercooler. A fully stainless-steel high-performance sport exhaust system with high-performance manifold and metal catalysts round out the engine conversion.

In this guise the eight-cylinder engine produces a proud maximum power output of 520 hp / 382.7 kW, up from stock 300 hp / 220 kW. The peak torque of 563 Nm is available at 4,730 rpm. Power is transferred to the rear wheels via a modified six-speed manual gearbox and a sport clutch. The Mustang GT 520 delivers exceptional performance: The sprint from 0 - 100 km/h takes just 4.2 seconds; top speed is 287 km/h. For an optimal supply of cooling and intake air the Munich tuner has also developed a special hood with large air dams.

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