Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Beware the Geely and the Chery!

BS Brash

The Chinese invasion is no news, but what is news, is that China makes cars too! One brand is called the Geely, the other one is called the Chery. (Would you call me a conspiracy nut if I pointed out that not only is Chery is very close to Chevy but it sounds like a Chinese misphonetic pronunciation of Chevy?) They are already signing up dealers in the US and Canada and along with the Japanese and Korean cars already here, it seems inevitable that we will have more imports and fewer American brands to choose from in the future. Oh, China will make some mistakes, but they are notorious for improving their products and they will improve! With Kia now manufacturing in the US and Toyota, Mazda and Mitsobishi and Nissan already a US Presence, can the reintroduction of the Ugo be far behind? The future looks far worse for Detroit than it already is! The future will not be "Buy American", but "Find American!" At least, once all of the American Manufacturers are gone, they won't be able to blame Detroit for poor gas mileage?Copyright 2006 BS Brash Contact BS Brash

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