Monday, December 04, 2006


Karl Nichols

Things were going along pretty good today till I stopped at the vets to fill my dogs prescription. When I came out the dang car wouldn't start, it did nothing, not even flutter the starter, you know that sound from the old days that told you that your battery was close to dead. So I popped the hood and crawled out to peer fruitlessly under the hood. These new cars with their transistors everywhere are totally unfathomable to me and everybody else but a trained mechanic! Whatever the trouble was, it wasn't apparent to me! So I grouped in my pocket for my cellphone, took out my billfold and looked up the roadside service to which I currently subscribed and called them, after the ID phase concluded and they decided that I actually was a client, they said they would send help as soon as possible. Soon I received a call from Bubba's Lock Service (?), and he gave me his phone number and said he would appear sooner or later to help me, he was right, it was two hours later that he arrived, but I will say this, he called me aver 15-30 minutes and asked me if I still needed help? I guess this is because of the friendly nature of Oklahoma? Oklahoma is a place where everybody holds doors open for everybody else. I have to say that I did get several offers, strangely they were all from women, one of them even offered to entertain me till my help arrived. I got her phone number and told her I would call her later. But not one man offered any help?

When Bubba did show up, I wasn't in the mood for polite conversation and without much ado he pronounced my battery dead, pulled out a little thing about the size of a small briefcase, plugged it into my battery and after a couple of coughs, the engine started right up. I had him follow me to the parts house (just in case) about a block away and where I got a new battery for the car.

What's my point? This kinda crap didn't happen to cars pre-transistor era! I suspect that there is a transistor hooked up to the battery that tells a computer that this battery is sick and not to use it any more. The battery is probably good for another two or three starts, but because of the stupid transistor, it doesn't work from that point on!

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