Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Big Block Chevy BBQ & Musclecar BBQ Grills

BS Brash

Man, I gotta get me one of these babies! It might help slake my hunger for Musclecars?
Check these out if you are a BBQ nut like I am. This is big enough to invite all of my car buddies over for Saturday nite beer and lie car show.

These are unique, All Steel, Built To Order
These one of a kind grills are powder coated to withstand 900° F with prices starting at $1300.00 Man that look's big enough to BBQ a whole hog on it!

Here are some of their features:
Custom Ladder Bars with Diamond Plate Shelves
Propane Version with Wiseco Piston control knobs.
Remote Control AM/FM/CD Car Stereo with Indoor/Outdoor Speakers and Power Supply.
Nitrous Purge System w/remote control
Idea for a custom accessory? We can build it for you.
Branding Irons and Grill Surfaces
We offer custom made branding irons and stainless steel grill surfaces welded to the surface.

Prices for branding irons and grill surfaces start at $80.00. Call for definite pricing.

3/16" thick water-cut stainless steel
18" stainless steel handle or Hurst shifter
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They offer custom built grills and accessories for the lugnut in you.

Say? When you order one of these, tell 'em that your old buddy BS sent ya, maybe they will give me one if enough of you guys will buy one?
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