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by BS Brash

We’ve all heard the rumors, stories, internet myths and some down right lies, most of which are interesting if they pertain to vehicles. I realize that repeating a rumor is not considered acceptable in polite company but who am I to pass up something worth a few words for The CarNewz Blog.

I guess that you've heard the one about the guy who bought the old Harley Davidson motorcycle for $35 at a swap meet?! His thinking was that it was probably going to be hard to buy parts for, upon calling his local H.D. dealer and giving him the serial number was shortly asked to see if the cycle had "The King" embossed under the seat. It did and thus confirmed (supposedly) that it had indeed been The King’s Harley! Yep, according to the story, it belonged to none other than Elvis Presley. According to the story, he was offered $350,000 for it by a collector. News apparently travels fast in the motorcycle collector underground and shortly the bewildered owner was contacted by Jay Lano who offered him a flat $500,000 for it. This story/rumor doesn't end there though, it is reported that the Harley Davidson Company entered the bidding with a Cool Million Dollars and to sweeten the pot also offered the now stupefied owner an additional Free Harley every year for the rest of his life! I hear tell that he, the owner, still hasn't accepted any offers. I wonder what he's holding out for, President of the USA?

Another recent story/rumor I have heard about involved a 2004 Porsche 944 that was advertised for $500 in a paper up north. Our hero called and was told that it had a clear, paid-off title; it had never been wrecked and had only 1200 actual miles on it. Our hero drove over to look at it and was satisfied that it was indeed everything and more that it was advertised as being. He asked if the woman selling it would take a check, she would, and he rode off in the Porsche.

He had almost made it home when he couldn't take it anymore and stopped to call the lady who sold the Porsche to him with the question of "Why"? She said "My husband is down in the Bahamas and called to tell me to sell the Porsche and wire the money to him". She went on, "what he doesn't know is that I know he is down there with his secretary"!

Another story I heard of several years ago was about a guy who read in the classified section of his local paper about a brand new Cadillac for sale for only $50. This man called and it hadn't been sold yet so went to see it. It was indeed brand new, only 800 miles showing and the lady selling it said the title was clear and the car had never been wrecked. When asked why she was selling it so cheap, the lady said it had belonged to her deceased husband who had specified in his will to sell the car and give the money to his mistress. Our man paid cash and left in his purchase.

Notice the last two stories were about treasured vehicles which were sold by vengeful wives? If there is a moral to these stories I guess it would have to be, if you leave home for anywhere, either take your wife or your classic!
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2006 SEMA Show - By Mark C Bach

Well folks it was another successful year at SEMA’s – the Specialty Equipment Market Association – show held recently in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the show you’ll hear about in magazines in three of four months, where manufacturers bring out their new products and services and show off their equipment in spectacular cars. Over 6,800 companies have joined SEMA and at times it seems like every vendor was there at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This event has grown from the first year they held a small show in Dodge Stadium in 1967. This year over a million square feet was utilized for displays (every available square inch of space at the three interconnected buildings), plus they used large tents and outdoor displays to show their items off. To see every display you’ll need some endurance and walking shoes, as you cover over 18 miles to see all the aisles of carburetors, tires, rims and accessories. If you can’t find it at SEMA, they don’t make it!

A highlight of the show is walking through their showcase of new products. Over 1500 items are submitted for review. Sometimes these are just minor alterations to fit a different engine or car and other times they are whole new, patented items. SEMA each year awards many of these items awards for their usefulness and inventiveness. Both Craftsman and Gear Wrench were showing off combination wrenches that are twisted 90 degrees on the handle, thus allowing users to have the handle fit into the palm of their hand better. Gear Wrench even had devices set up to see how much more torque and force you gained with this design.

For some it is the chance to have a conversation face to face with the managers and tech advisors for the company. Others are scouting the aisles looking for new products or companies that can augment their existing line of products. And for many it is a chance to eye ball some beauties – both the gorgeous models and the sensational cars. Over 2,000 cars are on display here at the show, from new offerings from the manufacturers and maybe even a concept car or two, to some historical vehicles and some current models customized with a bazillion monitors and mega watt sound systems. SEMA estimates that if all the cars were lined up bumper to bumper the line would stretch 5 ½ miles ! Son, that’s a lot of cars!!

As far as new cars, the most talked about had to be GM’s first suggestion of what the Camaro will look like, while Dodge showed the Challenger. For my money, Dodge nailed it right on and truly has emulated the old style. Good luck General, your work is cut out for you. GM also featured a 69 Camaro owned by Reggie Jackson with a new GM LSX engine. Jay Leno was not to be outdone with an “EcoJet” turbine powered car that produces 650 horses when powered up to 70% turbine speed. Chip Foose took time from his Overhaulin’ duties to bring out a lime green creation he named “Hemisfear”. If you were into celebrities from racing, they were all there from pioneers to rising starts. John Force hosted a NHRA breakfast that brought out legions of fans and lots of belly laughs.

Now for some bad news – this show is not open to the public. This is a trade show meaning that only those folks in the business can come and play! SEMA made a point this year of warning folks that they were cracking down on their credentials and making sure that voyeurs weren’t part of the 100,000 folks parading through the halls this year. But perhaps you can find a friendly shop will to sponsor you for the 2007 that will be held in Las Vegas from October 30 – November 2, 2007. For more info check out . If you pre-register the show costs only $15 while walk up attendees wait in long lines and pay $50.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

BS Brash

Late last Saturday night I was sitting with the guys in Mother's, my favorite watering hole, just kinda listening to the dull roar going on around me. When all of a sudden my ears pricked up... A guy at the table behind me was complaining to some guy at his table that his car had gotten him arrested. I slowly turned and asked him to explain. The story he told me doesn't apply to all cars yet, but it is increasing in numbers and likelihood!
This is his story; He was going home after a party when he sideswiped a parked car, fearing he wouldn't pass a Breathalyzer test, he continued on home after noting the licenses plate of the car so he could offer restitution the following day (yeah, right). As he was leaving to continue home, his car phone rang, noting that the Caller ID said Car Star Service (name changed to protect the guilty), he chose not to answer it. This was not a good decision as the Car Star Service had noted that the car had suffered an impact from it’s computer sensors and when he didn't answer the phone, they assumed that the car had been stolen and reported the assumed theft to the local police along with the GPS coordinates (another good/bad feature). This resulted in his arrest for stealing his own car, when the cops smelled his breath and saw the damage to the car. This led to a DUI & Leaving The Scene of an Accident, which though deserved, was very costly and caused him to disconnect that Car Star System.
So if you have an auto security system that unlocks your door, take note, you better answer the car phone when they call!
The Car Star System is a small erosion of our freedom, just like forced seatbelt usage. Now before you write me a dirty emails, I do think that kids should have to wear seatbelts till they can vote, but consenting adults is another thing altogether! Little by little we are loosing our rights and freedoms and seatbelts is just a small example of that! I should be able to make the decision as to whether I want to wear seatbelts or not. Seatbelts have been forced on us by the car manufacturers and the eco-nazis, think about it! In order to make a car that gets better gas mileage. They make cars to day like eggshells, one bump costs you a minimum of $500 to get it fixed! When you start making cars out of lighter material to get better gas mileage you get cars that will not protect the passengers unless they are strapped in like an Indy driver!
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