Monday, December 04, 2006

Art Cars or Garbage Cars?

Art Cars or Garbage Cars?
By BS Brash

I have a friend who owns a 62 Chevy Station Wagon, that in it’s self is not unusual because almost all of my friends own old cars. But Dub had gone one step further by gluing plastic toys all over his and he calls it art.

I have a personal definition of art; Art is something that takes more talent than I have to do. By that I mean if I can copy what you are doing exactly then it isn’t art, it’s craft. I can make birdhouses like the guy down at the flea market makes, because it is a craft. I cannot paint a painting like Van Gough so the painting is art. I can fill a glass with urine and put a crucifix in it, so that isn’t art, just a jerk exercising his First Amendment rights. So when Dub brought his “craft” car over last weekend and tried to start his usual argument that his car is actually art, I was prepared! I knew he was coming and had done an Internet search on Art Cars and had found plenty of ammo!

I found a bunch of sites all related to Art Cars, and as I figured, there were a lot of “Craft” cars, but as with most situations, there were some that were absolute art!

I am giving you the website and I want you to make up your own mind.

Copyright 2006 BS Brash

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