Saturday, December 09, 2006

How to pass emission tests with your collector car

By Nick Cash

I have received several calls for collectors whose vehicles didn't pass emission tests even though they were mechanically sound and had tight rings, ect, etc.

There are two or three things that you can do to cut emission on your vehicle without putting an emission control device on it.
1. Before you go to your emission check up, take a nice long (1 to 2 hours) drive in it. Starting you car frequently to move it in and out of the garage or to go to local "Shows and Shines" actually builds up unburnt carbon in it's cylindars. By going for a nice long drive, you burn them out so that you score on the test will natually drop to admissable levels.
2. I recommend this either way, fill your crankcase with Synthetic Oil and I recommended Amsoil! Amsoil has a higher flashpoint and even if you do have some blowby, it won't turn to smoke. Plus Amsoil only need to be change every 25,000 miles (not a typo!) or once a year which ever happens first. Request a FREE Catalong at Amsoil. Amsoil not only has a higher flashpoint and needs changing infrequently, it keeps your engine cleaner and increases your gas mileage! It also starts better in sub zero weather and works better in higher temperature areas! While you are at it, add it to your daily rides, motorcycles, lawnmower, etc., etc. You won't regret it!

Nick Cash

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