Monday, December 04, 2006



I think I have discovered a new automotive option!? You be the judge.
I took just an extended trip with Bubba, a true Okie from Muskogee. We stopped in Texas on the way back from dropping off a beautiful 65 Mustang in Arizona that Bubba had been restoring for the owner. Bubba’s slow, but his restoration work is absolutely prefect. Anyway back to the story, and the Barbeque Joynt we stopped at in Texas. As I said, Bubba is a true Okie and as such is a barbeque lover, that eats onions like an apples and barbequed beans & beer by the quart. The latter is what brought about my discovery of the new automotive option. Almost back to Oklahoma and Bubba’s beans, beer and onions started working on him. I persuaded Bubba to stop and unload what ever it was that was polluting the air in the truck, but after we got back on the road, it was still rank in the cab. As a matter of fact it was still rank when we got back to Tulsa, very late that night, and it was still bad the next day and when Bubba took it down to the car wash to clean off the road oil. I suggested that he hose it out inside, just in case there was something on the seat. “That is my new Fart Saver Seat in action”, said Bubba. I asked what he meant and he told me that ever since he had bought the pickup new, it had exhibited the propensity to hold any odor that was injected directly into the seat. I told him he was imagining things but he said that the seat was so good at retaining odors that he had just naturally figured that it was not a accident, just an option that the car company had forgot to put on the accessories list. He even got out the build sheet and showed me and sure enough it wasn’t on there. But Bubba is right, it just has to be on purpose, so it must be one of those built in unlisted values that you hear about because even now, almost 15 days later the scent is still lingers there.

You don’t think that it could actually be those Texas Barbeque beans, onions & beer do you?

I hope the Environmental Pollution Agency never gets wind of these seats!
Say, did I just make a pun?

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