Friday, October 31, 2008

Bid on the WD-40® Ultimate Work Truck!

As The Last Straw Tour comes to a close, you now have a chance to bid on the WD-40 Ultimate Work Truck and support a great charity! Click on the following link to view the live auction page:
Last Straw Tour eBay auction page

Please share with family and friends who might be interested, and consider bidding on the tricked-out truck to support a great cause! Your entire winning bid will be donated to our partner, Rebuilding Together®, and will help support its efforts to provide free home repair and renovations for low-income homeowners.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


LAKELAND, Florida (AP) -- The view from Row 2 of the Silver Moon drive-in has changed hardly a whit in 60 years. Cars enter the road leading to the box office at the Silver Moon Drive-in Theatre in Lakeland, Florida.

Take a gander, and you'll see:

To your left, a yellow wooden post supporting a cast-aluminum box with a single volume knob and a tongue that hooks to an open car window -- a monaural speaker, from the days of President Truman.

To your right, in the rear of a Ford pickup lined with quilts, sleeping bags and goose-feather pillows, three jammie-clad youngsters devouring popcorn the way squirrels do acorns while Papa snoozes and Mama sips lemonade.

And dead ahead, the gods of Hollywood filling a gargantuan silvery screen beneath the grandest of all templates: the coal-black heavens, cluttered with thousands of points that flicker like diamond chips.

Not a place to miss if you happen to be in the neighborhood -- or even if not.

Ask Donovan Padgett, 44, who rolls his Ford F150 into the lot of the Silver Moon, on average, three times a week, making a 50-minute trek from his north Tampa, Florida, home.

He shrugs off the inconvenience. "There ain't many things left in this country you can call 100 percent, true-blue Americana," he says. "But this place, right here, is one of 'em. It's got a feeling to it. Homey."

The drive-in theater, that uniquely American institution which turned 75 this summer, is experiencing an unexpected renaissance. After decades of closures, about 100 drive-ins have opened or reopened since the mid-'90s.

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Monday, October 20, 2008


KL Nichols

As I pulled up to the gas pump and prepared to download (cringe) $50+ dollars worth of gas, a guy in a Dually, you know, one of those pickups that are as wide as they are long with 40 or 50 tires on them? Anyway, this guy pops out and plugs two gas pumps into two gas tank filler tubes on his side and comes around to my side and says, "Hey buddy, when are you going to be done with that pump?" Apparantly, he had two more filler spouts for an additional two tanks on my side. I quickly finshed and as I relinkished the pump to him, I asked him how much gas his rig held, he said, "240 gallons, 60 to a tank."

My next question brought a big smile to his, "What kind of mileage do you get with your truck?" He said proudly, "8 mpg around town and 5 mpg on the highway." I was so stunned that I couldn't talk so he went on, "Unless, of course, I am pulling the trailer with the dragster in it." "Then It goes down to a couple of miles per gallon highway."

I just sat there in my car and watched as he drove off. I got out and looked at the four pumps he had used and by mental addition, his 4 pumps totaled $700 and change. It was at this moment, I realized that sometime in the middle of the recent national financial crisis, I may have dropped a notch to lower class. Here to fore, I had considered myself middleclass.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The All New Wanna Bee

Nissan driver with sense of humor. I've seen this car driving back and forth on the Beeline Highway (SR 87 in AZ) often. Gotta love his sense of humor and his decal on his yeller car.

Mark C Bach