Sunday, December 17, 2006


By BS Brash

An often over-looked (at least by the public) major source of funding for the US Gov, State and Local Law enforcement organizations is the Ricoh Act. The jist of the act is, if you are a criminal and you make money from your criminal endeavors, and the Law catches you doing so, they can take your profits and the proceeds thereof away from you. That includes any cash on hand, bank accounts, real estate, cars, jewelry, planes, etc, etc, etc. Anything that isn’t cash already, the Law then sells at auction, and this is where the links below comes in. An example of these auctions is the auction listed last that has the United State Marshal Service selling several seized assets including a 1995 Ferrari F355 Spider. The reserve is only $25k. You do have to register and pay in advance, but what auction doesn’t require some registration, including Kruse Auctions. So keep an eye out for bargains from these sources;,,,,,,,, ,,,

These are a few of the US Gov auctions, they each have regulations and sometimes they are different from one US Gov Div to another.

Just one caution, there are sites that are scam sites, some of them even link all of the above links into their site and charge you for access to them, so be careful where you surf!

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