Friday, December 08, 2006

1989 Mustang Saleen SSC Pioneer Demo Car

by BS Brash

The first time I saw this car, it was at a show and the owner was sitting in a chair across the aisle from it and was quietly waiting for anyone to put their head into the car, when they did, he would slowly lift his remote and turn on the speakers in this beast.

That might not sound like much until you read the description of this car, so with out further ado, here is the description;

1989 Mustang Saleen SSC Pioneer Demo Car. 1 of only 4 built. It was a collector car to begin with, but the addition of close to $30,000 (1989 money) in Pioneer State-Of-the-art Stereo Components, the stereo system was installed by Pioneer at their facility in LA and with 2-1000 watt amps, makes it not only a mind blower, but an Ear Busting, Window Cracking, Powerful Collector Car that will turn heads up to 12 blocks away! The photos of the Component box, more photos of the car, price and contact numbers are on this website, seeing the website will give you some idea of the just how powerful a system this car has , add that to the fact that the stereo components are so powerful that they have their own Heavy Duty Marine Battery to run them then you can began to understand the sound quality that this car's sound system achieves. They have even added heavier springs to handle the increased weight of the stereo components. Not to mention that this is a Saleen!

The owner saw it for sale and realized that this was an instant collector vehicle he bought it as an investment. It is for sale now and will make an instant show winner for anyone with the time and money to give it a little TLC. It has 70k original miles on it and was only used as a stereo component demo on wheels.

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