Monday, December 04, 2006

The 1957 Chevy Nomad

By BS Brash
As most of you know, I don't think that the 57 Chevy is the ultimate consumation of man and machine. That being said, the 57 Chevy BelAir Nomad is one sexy looking vehicle! The picture on the right is one example of the 57 Nomad, I particularlly like it's Tourch Red Color. (It is for sale at )
If you just "Have" to own a 57 Chevy, let it be a Nomad! To that end, check out the Chevy Nomad Club at ttp://

Below is a historical Synopsis of the Chevy Nomad:

History of the Nomad
1954 - 1 Nomad was made, it was a proto-type and is the only one
of the Nomads to have a name. It debuted at The Waldorf Astoria in
New York for General Motors Motorama and was subsequently
named The Waldorf. It looked a lot like the 54 Corvette as it was
made on the 54 Vette chassis. It was such a huge success that
some of the unique features were applied to a Chevrolet Belair
two-door station wagon and it was put into production as a Nomad
in 1955.

Creation of the Nomad; All of the bodies were made at the Cleveland
plant and shipped to the Flint, Baltimore, St. Louis, Los Angeles,
Jamestown, Tarrytown, Atlanta, Kansas City, Oakland, Willow Run,
and Norwood plants to be assembled. Some of the unique features
of the Nomad are the chrome tailgate bars, the ribbed roof and of
course, the slanted "B" pillars.

1955 - 8,530 Nomads produced. Special features unique to the 1955
Nomad are the headlight eye brows, fender and door spears, large
rear wheel wells, waffle pattern interior design, and other interior
trim pieces.

1956 - 8,103 Nomads produced. Chevrolet standardized most
features in 1956. Two special features for the Nomad were the
dogleg on the quarter panel and the chrome "V" under the tail lights
for eight cylinder cars.

1957 - 6,534 Nomads produced. The 1957 models received no
special trim. All interior and exterior trim are interchangeable with
other Belair models. Even though there were fewer 1957 Nomads
produced, and it had no special trim, it is arguably the most popular
with collectors today.

Copyright 2006 BS Brash

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