Wednesday, July 09, 2008


KL Nichols

So you want to sell your collector vehicle and you don't know where to begin?
Like everyone else, I like to save my money and if I can advertise for fr*ee, I will choose fr*ee every time!

Fr*ee was pretty hard to do before the Internet, but thanks to the many fr*ee classified ad websites on the Internet, it is now very possible.
Last issues of the Rag, I went into some detail about Craig's List, possibly
the largest Fr*ee Classified Ad Website on the internet. This issue I will go
into a couple of lesser trafficked, but still fr*ee classified ad websites.
The first is , you can put several cars with 4 pictures
each on their website all for fr*ee and they will stay posted for up to 90 days.
BuzzTrader is not unique in the fact that they allow other website owners to post their html code on their website and this makes it look like the cars are posted on each website, when in fact it is one website posted to several,
possibly hundreds of other websites. This is good and bad. Good in that you do get extra views of your ads, bad in that it is confusing about who is
actually selling your car as each website pretends that the cars from
BuzzTrader are in fact proprietary to the website you actually view the ad
on. Confused? So are the potential buyers seeing the car for sale on several websites...

The second is . You can advertise your cars fr*ee on this website too, but they do have the advantage of printing several Magazines and for $10, they will also put your photo ad in one of their magazines too.

I will tell you about some more Fr*ee classified ad website next issue, so,
meet me back here next week!

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