Wednesday, July 09, 2008


BS Brash

A friend of my forwarded me this email that he had received recently:
"Hello Seller, How are you doing today and also i am here to notify you my
interesting in your item you placed on this site for sale on behalf of my client,
Also i will like to know more about the item before we proceed on our to pay
you. So please kindly answer the following question below..
1,Are you the original owner of the item?
2,What is the condition of the item?
3,Can you acept certified check as a mode of payment?
4,Can you allow some company to pick up the item from you?
5,Can i trust you on this transaction?
6,What is the final asking price of this item?
So please kindly get back to me asap now with those question requested
from you,so we can proceed on payment asap and we complete this
transaction as soon as possible. Email me back now to "

This and tens of thousands of similar emails show up everyday in the in-boxes
of people who advertise their vehicles on the Internet! If you are an Internet
Newbie, you answer them back, if you are Internet Savvy, you just delete them
or forward them to the appropriate authorities.

Below is my answer:

Unfortunately there is no program for defense from scam emails except good
common sense. Spam and Phishing as this kind of email is called are a way
of life if you advertise anywhere on the internet. That being said, there are two
ways that you can get some satisfaction by forwarding any suspicious emails
to, they are & . has taken down
1000's of websites of scammers and spammers and you can join their
crusade, it's fr*ee to join. The other is a USGov email that you can forward any
suspicious emails to if there is no website listed, I think they pass them along
to the proper authorities

I have a friend that is a collector car dealer and he has played games with
these kind of people for several years and for his efforts, he has enough bad
checks and money orders to paper his office with them.

My advice is to forward them and forget them!

The Internet is a growing force and a great tool for buying and selling collector
vehicles, but like all tools, safety first, protect yourself!!
Copyright 2008 BS Brash

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