Wednesday, July 09, 2008


BS Brash

I am old enough to remember the summer picnics back when the classics and muscle cars of today were everyday drivers. And to top it all off, there were no car shows? The collector car industry as we know it, the car shows and the rich collector car auctions were things of the future and swap meets weren’t even a gleam in the inventors eye yet. The guys that started the collecting were ex-GIs running around in Model-Ts and Model-As stripped down to the now-famous hot rods and t-buckets the Street Rodders of today so emulate.I kinda miss that time when the biggest event in July was the 4th of July picnic and the Big $250 Fireworks event that was planned after it got dark and all of the horse shoe & softball games were over. After the big watermelon feast provided free by the local farmers for which their only pay was to ask us to spit our seeds in a bucket so that they would have seeds for the next years crop.

Yes, they were good times, but would I trade them for today? No way! I was too young to drink beer and I would have to sell my collection of classics and muscle cars which either didn’t exist back then or I couldn’t have afforded them if they did…

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