Sunday, January 20, 2008


Just what American car companies need another cute little foreign car. Never mind the great mileage, it will be labeled a "Chick" car. It is just too cute. The Smart car is an acronym for Swatch Art and is made by the former owner of Chrysler, Daimler. It is just another little car and they are calling it Smart4two. This is just a way of taking something negative and hiding it in plain site. Your wife won't want one because it is too small and your daughter will want one because it is small. A few guys will choose it but will immediately know it for what it is, a Chick Car! This is the main reason that the little foreign car, the Mini-Cooper hasn't made it big, it is viewed as a Chick Car too!
Maybe the Smart Car will answer the question about what to do about rising gas prices, but I doubt it, it will just pull sales away from US made small cars, like the PT Cruiser and etc. Maybe, maybe not, but at any rate with the gas prices going up and the dollar's value falling, maybe we will all be driving little cars (or Mopeds) before to long whether it is labeled a "Chick Car" or not!

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