Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The $2500 Tata Nano

Yep, that's what it sells for in India, $2500!
NY Times and a hundred other media outlets are all aghast aover this little car. According to sources, the Tata Car Company is in line to buy Jaguar and Land Rovers companies, so maybe you will be seeing them on US highways soon? My guess is that after emission problems are solved and the non-union status of the car makers is satisfied, the Tata Nano will sell in the $45,000 range. :) The dang thing has a 30+hp engine and is belt driven, one windshield wiper, no and I mean no amenities at all. This was kinda tried back in the 80's when the Ugo reared it's rusty head in the USA, and we all know how that ended! Just what we need, uninsured drivers in Nanos. Why would you carry any thing but liability insurance. Complete coverage annual cost would cost more than the car was worth? Is it me or does Fred Flintstone's car come to mind here?

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