Sunday, January 20, 2008


General Motors is in the process of consolidating it's dealers and reducing the number of dealers. The Supercenter made famous by the retail industry seems to be an intelligent way to do so. The consolidation is supposed to be done this way; 1. Chevrolet, 2. Buick-Pontiac-GMC, 3. Saturn, 4. Cadillac-Hummer-Saab. And the program is kinda working. The recession is driving the transition. Due to lagging sales, by cutting the amount of dealers the sales should pick up for the remaining dealers and by opening Supercenters it should still make the vehicles available to the public. Th only sticky point is the #4, the Cadillac-Hummer-Saab is still not being implemented, but GM says that they are committed to the overall plan.

Like the Super Centers, GM's new cry may be, "Pile 'em high and stack 'em deep!"

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