Thursday, November 22, 2007


Big deal or not? All I know is that the last time the Buck bottomed out it began the biggest sell off of American assets in history, mainly to the Japanese. Also and this is my main point, the Collector Vehicle Market took off like a shot!

If you remember the last collector car boom, it started in the late 80's when Regan was president. That collector car boom fizzled out in the early 90's after or during the first war against the Iraqis. We are in a similar situation, a war going on, the dollar tanking and an Asian nation with a lot of money to spend, China.

It is uncertain that our economy will support a classic car boom, but look for the foreign market to acquire a huge amount of collector vehicles, and it has already started. China is 4 times the size of the US, whereas Japan was only as big as Rhode Island? More people equals more money, right.

Why, you might ask, will China be the big kahuna in this scenario? Because my friend, China is blowing out the seams on their economy. And with the dollar being worth so little, we are going to lose a lot of our classics!

It should start being evident in Jan/08 at the Barrett-Jackson auction! You can either be upset about it or make a lot of money out of it, either way, it's gonna happen!!

Oh yeah, watch out for your ladies too, China has 65,000,000 unmarried men due to the Chinese policy on allowing only one child per family and the Chinese penchant for boys!! In one providence alone there are 40,000,000 single men looking for wives. And you were worried about illegal immigrants!?

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