Friday, January 16, 2009

Ratty Cars? - BS Brash

I'm am sorry, I just don't get Rat Rods, and I have the same disdane for them that I have for Art Cars, why don't you just restore them properly. I feel a little the same way about Streetrods also, but them I understand a little bit better. If you don't think the available cars will fit your personality, and you don't have the money to buy something really fancy, you start with what you have right where you are and hope for the best.

But Rat Rods are ratty looking! If you have $50k under the skin, why not top it off with a 100 coat hand rubbed paint job and really wow the world?

Give me a break! If you drive a Rat Rod, what kind of statement are you making? "Hi world, here I am, a ratty person with an ugly, fast car?" The same thing goes for Art Car owners, are you debasing yourself or just cleaning out the garage? Your girlfriend HAS to be ashamed to ride in it?

Don't misunderstand me, if you are driving a ratty looking classic just for the fun of it before you start restoration on it, I am not talking about your car!

Yeah, I know, I am going to get a lot of nasty emails because of this article! But I stand by what I wrote!

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