Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barrett-Jackson Day Two - Mark C Bach

Barrett-Jackson Day Two
- Mark C Bach

The second day of the Barrett-Jackson auction is being held today and Speed is showing five hours live (5-10 PM, locally from Arizona.). Speed cable coverage continues through Sunday with live telecasts and tape re-broadcasts. The weather was great and as the television lights came on, so did the prices.

The folks from GM are selling off some cars from their Heritage Museum. It is interesting to note that the auctioneers are repeating frequently that these cars are not warranted, nor necessarily carry the required safety or emission equipment. Instead of a bill of sale, which is common when cars don’t have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) like NASCAR race cars – these cars are being sold with a scrap title. Some collectors might be paying top dollar for cars that will never be able to get on the road. Speaking of NASCAR, Rick Hendrix was buying some of these GM pieces.

When GM first started to list the cars they were releasing for this auction, some bloggers criticized them for selling plain Jane pieces that could be easily be replaced in the museum at a later time. But in reality many are concept cars or one offs that don’t have a twin in existence. These cars were rightful fought over and the prices show the collectors’ interest.

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