Saturday, August 09, 2008


BS Brash

Americans drove 9,800,000,000 miles less last month! OMG, that is almost 10 Billion Miles less, approximately 400,000,000 gallons less used, that is close to 21 million barrels of oil, which is about one day’s usage for Americans! And still the price of gas is high!

It means less money spent on gas, tires, car repair, gas taxes ($73+ Million less), road repair, road construction workers, tolls, wrecks, less body shop repair, less cars purchased, way less trucks, SUVs and RVs purchased. It is no secret that the American vehicles drive our economy, no pun intended!

Listen up would be gas boycotters, I mean the people who send all of those emails to boycott one or two brands of gas or just boycott gas for one day to show the gas companies who is boss, that is a real waste of time! Driving 10 Billion miles less in July didn’t! Compared to that, a boycott couldn't even make an inroad on that negative 9,800,000,000 miles less driven this month. So much for boycotts!

The only light that I see at the end of the tunnel, with immediate potential for gas replacement, seems to be CNG, Compressed Natural Gas. It requires an approximately $350 -$650 conversion per vehicle, but at the price a gallon of CNG is, .90 cents currently, it sounds interesting even if it only gets about 1/2 the MPG that petrol does. That makes normal gas mileage less than $2.00, about half the price of gas. I can live with that!
The biggest crock of BS is Gasohol. Anytime you use a food product to make fuel for transportation, it is going to screw up the economy. As you are probably aware, food is going up, meat is going up and the manly essential, beer, is going up too!

One other problem no one is talking about is that alcohol only has half the combustibility of gas, if you ran on straight alcohol you would get one half the gas mileage, so when they take out 10% gas and replace it with alcohol you are only going to get 95% of the mileage out of it that you would straight gas. Not to mention, and I hear nothing about the fact that alcohol isn’t that good for your engine, it screws with your car’s computer and gaskets, so it follows that gasohol isn’t good for your car!

Half-ass politicians saw an easy out by jumping on the gasohol bandwagon, It will be years before the repercussions of this bad decision stops rattling around our economy!!

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