Saturday, August 16, 2008



It was Saturday and my neighbor Pete, trotted out his absolutely perfect 57 T-Bird, it is Turquoise, has both tops and only 387 actual miles on it. It also has the McCollough/ Paxton supercharged V8 in it and the T-Bird Special F Code. He only gets it out when it is sunny and over 85 degrees and after doing the cosmetic necessities, he lets it set in the sun to dry any errant drop of water left. I would buy it from him, but I am about $150k short of the asking price.

When he does get it out, I generally go stand bird watch, since we don't have a bird problem, we just generally swap lies and BS about cars, local gossip and etc.

This time we got to discussing Gorp, (At least I think that is his name) the teenager across the street, the one with the Nissan with no muffler. He is a discussion with just about every body who goes to bed before 12:00a as his muffler tends to wake up anyone sleeping when he comes home for the late shift down at Burger Haven.

Anyway we were discussing him as drove up with a girl that caught both of our eyes, she had to be 20 (I later found out that she was 16, OMG) and well built, wearing a skirt that would have been cleared the upper edge of her nylons 30 years ago. I don't know about Pete, but my estimation of Gorp when up more than a couple of notches.

Anyway, we were discussing Gorp and how we were just like him when we were young. I had a 50 Merc with straight pipes and steel mufflers that would have put Gorp's pipes to shame. Pete's ride was even noisier. My recollection is that our cars were much louder than Gorp's, maybe to the 10th power? Not to mention tires squealing during a peel-out was a common sound all over town back then! Drag racing at almost every stop light. Funny, once in a while I see peel out makes around the neighborhoods on the streets, but never hear them. The tire marks are mostly in front of a cute girls house, it is a guy's way of telling a girl that she has been noticed!

It was the same back on our day, but we it seems to me that we did it with a little more style. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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