Saturday, April 12, 2008


KL Nichols

I have been in the collector vehicle advertising business and found a lot of ways to advertise them for sale.

Yes, I am quite familiar with all of the Pay-Per-Ad services and magazines. That being said, I intend to tell you of a few ways to sell your collector vehicle for little on nothing!

One of the prime ways to sell is on, (hereafter called CL) unfortunately, it can also be a waste of time. One of CL’s problems is that you can only advertise your vehicle on one. That means when you advertise your vehicle on the Kansas City home webpage, that it isn’t searchable on any of CL’s 100’s other city page. What a waste of good traffic. When eBay bought 25% of CL a year or so ago, I had high hopes that they could resolve that problem, but alas, so far nothing. Keep in mind that locally might not be the best place to advertise your classic, so pick a big city not too far away to run your ad on. One other thing, CL readers are notoriously cheapskates. When you can advertise for nothing, you get a lower end clientele. One other problem with CL is that there are a lot of scammers working the ads on it, so be forewarned! Never give out your address or the location of where your vehicle is stored and never let someone drive your classic without you setting right there is the front seat too!

Another freebie photo ad site is (hereafter called BT) BT has a unique following and it has a website feature that allows other website owners to brand BT for embedding on their website, so you get hundreds if not thousands of page views all over the Internet.

Another freebie is, (hereafter called AR) not only a great website where you can post a free photo ad, but they print three of the larger vehicle collector magazines and will run two free photo ads a month for you. AR is a good source to sell parts and memorabilia too!

Another great freebie website is (hereafter called RJ) One reason I like RJ is that it is compartmentalized, which is also the reason it will take you a little time to put your ad in the right category. It is aimed at the racing and drag market, but has a large classic section too! Your ad will run 90+ days


One last thought, for top dollar, make sure that your vehicle is clean, fix all the broken stuff and make sure the engine will start. Sure you can sell a car in almost any kind of condition, but if you really want top dollar, do your best!

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Anonymous said...

Be very cautious of Free. Free websites lure you to their sites and promise something for nothing. Lets ponder something for nothing. If you are trying to sell a 60,000.00 dollar auto on a free ad, you are kidding yourself to think that the site is not using your IP address for sale to the highest bidder. Spam will be arriving shortly thereafter. Lets keep it real. If you are on a budget and all you can afford if Free, then yes by all means, get on the free site and see who is browsing. Chances are your car will go no where with the type of shoppers who will make it over to this site. I will have to admit that I did try one free site in particular and thought I would have to buy a new computer before I got all the bugs out. I'm not saying that all are like this, but think about why would anyone pay thousans of dollars to build a website and give it way for nothing. Something to think about, but I'm skeptical these days.