Saturday, March 24, 2007


Chrysler seems to be in need of yet another savior. It was a major mistake to think that Daimler- Benz would do anything with Chrysler except try to turn it into an American Merceded-Benz.

Now I like several of the Chrysler models and would be happy diving one anytime, but since every other country in the world seems to hate America, it seems a little absurd to think that what D/C or any other out of the US purchaser would do would be in the interest of American owners and drivers. D/C's main goal seems to be the phasing out of everything American and the phasing in of everything German.

Now sources say that yet another non-American coalition is discussing the purchase of D/C's ailing Chrysler Division, this one is from Canada. The figure of $4.7 Billion is being mentioned. But before we proceed any further, what I want to know, is that American or Canadian dollars?

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