Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yeah, I know it's not car related, sorry!

We need a national "Stupid" insurance. In the light of the recent mountain top rescues, both successful and unsuccessful, I propose a new insurance requirement.

Since it is so expensive to go a fetch this outdoor twits, I suggest that an insurance requirement similar to malpractice insurance, so that when they must be rescued, the rescue organizations will be reimbursed for their out of pocket costs.

Excuse me if I feel that some lame brained idiot decides to go in harms way and expects the public to pay the consequences. Don't you feel this is a bit out of whack?

I know this type of insurance might be expensive, but if you can't pay, don't go, or at least don't expect the public to pay for your rescue! Also these assholes who feel that carrying an electronic locater with them is violating their space or their outdoor isolation rights, then there should be no rescue when they go missing! All outdoor nuts going in harms way should have to file a climbing plan similar to a flight plan so that in the event someone can be found, other than tax payers to foot the rescue bill, then the rescuing parties would have a general idea where to look.

'Scuse me for being so insensitive, but gimme a break, the public should be as irate as I am, because there is apparently there is no end to the whacko's that go in harm's way, so it's about time someone said something!

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