Monday, February 19, 2007

Barn Finds - All Over The World?

"So, this guy buys a house on a plot of land in Portugal. This property has been vacant for 15 years. He moves in and goes off to explore his new property. He finds a locked barn on the property. He breaks in and finds dozens of classic cars in pretty good condition."

The above quote, came from an unknown source, and although I am not above swiping the ocassional news item from parts unkown, this particular item has been all over the Internet for the past couple of weeks, so I am only repeating what is common knowledge.

Barn finds, are a particular interest of mine. I have traveled a lot and in my travels I keep my eyes open for the odd car in the weeds and I give locals the third degree about local stored vehicles. I do so, because this turns up an ocassional classic for sale, but every now and then I find "Barn Finds"! For instance, one time in Iowa, the locals directed my attention to a retired printer who collected antiques. He, it turns out, had close to 150 classic vehicles stored in every vacant building in this dying farm town. Most were unrestored classics, but some were daily drivers when they were parked. None of which he would part with for decent prices, he was an Old Cars Price Guide person and wanted top dollar for everything, restored or not.

No I don't remeber which town it was, just that it was in Iowa.

I just mentioned it here to make the point that it can pay to keep your eyes peeled for classics, no matter where you are!

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