Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Old Round Barn

By BS Brash
Originally built in 1898 by William H Odor, the Old Round barn has been a landmark for thousands of Old Route 66 travelers. It is right on Old Route 66 by Arcadia, Oklahoma. Although for most of the time Route 66 was commissioned it wasn’t in use because it was deteriorating and finally in 1988 the immense 60’ diameter roof collapsed. The repair bill was estimated at $165,000.00. It was through the timely intervention of Luther Robison, a carpenter since 1940 who had long admired the building - the only one of its kind in Oklahoma – who knew he could save the barn and bypass the exorbitant price tag. By recruiting volunteers, selling inscribed round barn bricks, setting up a roadside donation box and seeking donated labor and equipment, Luther Robison restored the round barn over the course of over four years for $65,000. The restoration was completed with the help of the Over The Hill Gang so called because almost all of the volunteers were over 65. For this reason, they were given the 1992 National Preservation Honor Award for outstanding craftsmanship and perseverance in the restoration of the historic 1898 Arcadia Round Barn.
There is no cost for admission to the Old Round Barn and the loft in the Barn is available for parties, weddings, meetings, dances and more; make your reservations well in advance. They are now open 6 days per week. Hours are 10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Daily Tuesday thru Sunday
For more information see the website at

The Old Round Barn - P.O. Box 134 - Arcadia, Okla. 73007 - Ph. 405-396-2761

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