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421 Pontiac GTO 64 65 66 67 HO HP Musclecar Tri-Power

421 Pontiac GTO 64 65 66 67 HO HP Musclecar Tri-Power
This engine is on an eBay auction till Jan-14-07 17:50:18 PST
421 Pontiac GTO 1965 1966 421HO High Performance - Big Center Carb Tri-Power
376HP Engine Motor Late 65 Early 66 Musclecar Bonneville SD Super Duty
Catalina GP Grand Prix 2+2 Ventura Firebird Trans Am

FOR SALE: The Legendary Pontiac 421 HO Tri-Power four bolt main Engine / Motor
A “great running 421 2+2 376HP 421HO motor”. The motor ran very solid and strong backed by a TH400 and a 342? POSI rear-end in a full size 60’s Pontiac. I bought it from the West coast owner who said it had been recently completely gone through and everything replaced or checked by a well known engine shop in California, and they installed fresh (1200 miles earlier) high flowing “670” big 2.11 / 1.77 valve heads. I drove it a total of 2200 miles myself mostly cruising on Sundays. Although it ran perfect and I think the gentleman I bought it from had recently had it completely rebuilt, I always planned to tear it down and check everything myself. I never got around to doing that, in fact never did anything but fog the cylinders and turn it over by hand once a month. Compression is very good.

The numbers on the block are as follows: back of block date code is early model 1966 built Nov 65: K245. Rear block also shows 978 2611. It does have the mountain transfer lug Pete McCarthy’s book shows indicates the big block and special castings for high performance 4 bolt main block, indicating the 376HP basis. I have heard three stories about the block code “X”, but McCarthy’s book says it means Kansas City I have been told, not experimental or service replacement. Numbered on the front passenger side as 218020 and underneath XWJ. The WJ is the 421 High Performance 376HP four speed code. Intake is the big center carb 8782898 but the date code must be on the underside as I do not see it, but pictures from 66 match it perfectly, so I believe it is the original 367HP HO setup also. Heads are 670’s cast in the center exhaust section. I know these heads are not original, but was told when I bought it that they “flow much better than the originals with the much larger intake and exhaust valves”… And another engine builder agreed with that as a good pro shop upgrade.

So now I have what I believe to be this awesome running 421 which needs to be in the hands of someone wanting to build themselves a 64, 65, 66, 67, 68 Pontiac GTO, Lemans, T37, Catalina, SD Super Duty Clone, Firebird, Bonneville, Ventura, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60 Star Chief, Trans Am, TransAm, GP, Grand Prix, 61, 62, 63 Tempest Pro Street, Prostreet, Pro Mod, ProMod or Hot Rod, HotRod, Rat Rod, RatRod, 31, 32, 33, 34 Ford, T-bucket, coupe, sedan or roadster. I hate to sell it, but with no plans for it for at least the next decade, its better to go ahead and make some room in my small garage and I hate to just have an engine sitting around for another decade or so.

What I can tell you about it is: about five years ago this motor ran perfect in a full size 1962 Pontiac right up to the day I pulled it out and hung it on the engine mount. No lifter ticks, slightly lopey but still smooth idling and fast revving (It may have a special cam, but I don’t know that for sure), no smoke out my dual exhausts, I never raced it and the only “abuse” I gave it was about five strong stoplight launches which were impressive to me as to how strong this muscle motor torqued-up and rev’d. It does have the big center carburetor setup and when the other two open up it roars! I bought Ames air cleaners for it, new fuel line setup, new fuel pump, rebuilt starter, NAPA carburetor kits, a long neck water inlet in addition to the shorter style one that was on it, added mad-dog (supposed to fit early Tempest and GTO) headers which have the collector connectors also and I have a large box of items that go with it like new motor mounts, brackets, pulleys, bolts, nuts, hoses, belts, old fuel pump, original exhaust manifolds, etc. Buyer gets an engine stand also if picked up here in Knoxville TN near the crossover section of I 75 and I 40. See requirements below.

Footnote: I have described and included everything I know about this engine as accurately as is known and in the condition as stated but engine is being sold AS-IS. As with any engine this age it is suggested that a competent mechanic check all assemblies prior to use.
FYI: I am a long time member of the Pontiac Oakland Club International (POCI), President of a POCI Specialty Chapter and a POCI Director with excellent long term reputation for honesty

421 Pontiac GTO 64 65 66 67 HO HP Musclecar Tri-Power

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