Wednesday, November 29, 2006

BS Brash

Late last Saturday night I was sitting with the guys in Mother's, my favorite watering hole, just kinda listening to the dull roar going on around me. When all of a sudden my ears pricked up... A guy at the table behind me was complaining to some guy at his table that his car had gotten him arrested. I slowly turned and asked him to explain. The story he told me doesn't apply to all cars yet, but it is increasing in numbers and likelihood!
This is his story; He was going home after a party when he sideswiped a parked car, fearing he wouldn't pass a Breathalyzer test, he continued on home after noting the licenses plate of the car so he could offer restitution the following day (yeah, right). As he was leaving to continue home, his car phone rang, noting that the Caller ID said Car Star Service (name changed to protect the guilty), he chose not to answer it. This was not a good decision as the Car Star Service had noted that the car had suffered an impact from it’s computer sensors and when he didn't answer the phone, they assumed that the car had been stolen and reported the assumed theft to the local police along with the GPS coordinates (another good/bad feature). This resulted in his arrest for stealing his own car, when the cops smelled his breath and saw the damage to the car. This led to a DUI & Leaving The Scene of an Accident, which though deserved, was very costly and caused him to disconnect that Car Star System.
So if you have an auto security system that unlocks your door, take note, you better answer the car phone when they call!
The Car Star System is a small erosion of our freedom, just like forced seatbelt usage. Now before you write me a dirty emails, I do think that kids should have to wear seatbelts till they can vote, but consenting adults is another thing altogether! Little by little we are loosing our rights and freedoms and seatbelts is just a small example of that! I should be able to make the decision as to whether I want to wear seatbelts or not. Seatbelts have been forced on us by the car manufacturers and the eco-nazis, think about it! In order to make a car that gets better gas mileage. They make cars to day like eggshells, one bump costs you a minimum of $500 to get it fixed! When you start making cars out of lighter material to get better gas mileage you get cars that will not protect the passengers unless they are strapped in like an Indy driver!
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