Thursday, November 30, 2006


By Karl Nichols is a website that tracks and reports on Automotive Chance Events, in other words, Auto Raffles & Drawings. If you like to take a chance now and then, Automotive Chance Events have odds that are extremely better than your local lottery.

Each year there are large quantities of desirable vehicles put up for raffle, including classic cars, new cars, trucks & motorcycles and some even offer a cash option alternative, these are raffled off in what we choose to call The Auto Lotterytm or Automotive Chance Events (A.C.E.). Raffle/Drawing Tickets, for as little as $1-$100 allow you to participate at any financial level you choose in the lucrative Lottery, which has odds that are Extremely better than your local lottery, and with our help and organization, there is a good possibility that you could a major winner in The Auto Lotterytm!

One more thing, almost all the Raffles are held by Charitable organizations which benefit from your donations! So not only are you having lotsa fun, and possibly making money, but you are helping to support charities! I ask you, "Does it get much better than that?"

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