Saturday, November 08, 2008


Mark C Bach

Each year the Las Vegas Convention Center is besieged by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). Over a million square feet of indoor spaced was covered with cars, car parts and an expected 125,000 registered attendees.

Over four days this week countless celebrities mingle with the crowds, unveil cars, sign autographs and drool over the cars. Perhaps the strangest celebrity pairing was Carroll Shelby from Cobra fame and Guy Fieri the cook/host of “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.” This year a record fifteen car manufacturers brought out their stock of new releases and concept cars.

Despite the economy we read about in the newspapers and hear on television, there was plenty of business to be made. Typically at the SEMA show manufacturers strut out their latest offerings and products and write orders with their jobbers and wholesalers. As the public sees the new offerings they tell their suppliers what THEY want to buy. Besides the car manufacturers, almost 2000 other exhibitors brought out their lines. One of the highlights of the show is many exhibitors bring out their demo cars or show cars to draw in the crowds and showcase their equipment. So over 2000 great cars are on the premises to look at.

Some of the cars included a restored Ghostbuster’s ambulance, some pimped out cars from DUB with outrageous rims, the much touted 2010 (or whenever) Camaro, the Hyundai Genesis and Toyota’s Venza. If you looked closely you could find more brands of quick detailer car spray than you even knew existed!

This year marked the 36th year of the show which first modestly started at LA Dodger Stadium. As tantalizing as all this sounds and seems, it is a trade show and closed to the general public.

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