Monday, September 01, 2008


- BS Brash

Video is not new, but selling classic cars with it is a new wrinkle., a Google website has pretty much set the stage to post any video for the public to see. Once you post a video to YouTube, you can use the URL to send it to anyone by email or YouTube offers you the html code to embed it in your website or your ebay auction. The following two examples are samples of both a personal and an ebay video.

Most people don't have the knowledge to jazz up, read that edit, a video for posting.

This is where the business opportunity come in, if you do have a video camera, the knowledge and the software to edit the videos, it would be worth a lot of money to people who don't have that knowledge or equipment to help the make a video to post on their eBay auctions.

There are also some websites that allow you to make slide shows and videos from still pictures. Here are a few of those sites,,, most of these have a small learning curve and look pretty professional when done. Some of them even allow audio and music too.

Just as an idea, how about this; you take a video of cars for sale and post it to YouTube. You change the owners anywhere from $50 to 100 depending on how in-depth the video of their vehicle is, then you put 5-20 cars on the video and post it on YouTube. I am sure you can refine the business plan to suit your time and ability.

1968 Chevy Impala Fast back RARE and PIMPED OUT for sale

If this idea interests you, I am sure that a little digging around on the Internet will come up with a lot more info on it. Mean while, you will learn how to do this just for yourself.

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