Monday, May 26, 2008


Nick Cash

I needed some parts for my 57 Chevy Belaire, so I decided to Google for them.

WOW! A search for 57 Chevy Parts pulls up 1,650,000 pages to look at, so I settled down for a morning on the computer, but guess what? That 1,650,000 pages is limited to less than 800 pages available and then I am stopped from going any further! On top of that, many of the pages, which are presented at only 10 pages per page, many of the pages are duplicates and other pages on the same websites! Sheesh!

A lot of the links are eBay links that are outdated or on the verge of being sold. Or some other website like Auto Trader, etc, etc, etc.Then there is are the fake links that try to sell you ebooks on how to sell on eBay or how to get rich numerous other ways. Here is one that has no bearing on 57 Chevys at all; "57 Chevy parts, giftsforgirls com, free wweonlinegames, diva staz".

I have to say that it was mighty frustrating! All in all though, I think I found 3 new sources for parts.

So, frustration aside, my surfing was a success, if you don't count that new keyboard I had to scavenge from my kid's computer because I spilled beer in mine.

I guess I will wrap this up and go buy a new keyboard for my computer before I get in trouble with the kid...

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