Monday, March 24, 2008


KL Nichols

XM and Sirius Satellite Radio stations announced that they were merging.

Who did not expect this?

In my personal opinion which is worth little on the market, there is no reason for one satellite radio station, much less two! Why? If you haven't figured it out for yourself, why pay for something that you get free. Almost all vehicles have radios that we have paid for in the purchase of the vehicle or added at a fairly hefty price later. We have .mp3 players, CD & CD changers, iPod by the millions, just what brainiac figured we need a paid subscription radio too? My guess is it was some spoiled rich guy that didn't think it thru!!

What is the future of satellite radio? It won't last on a paid basis! The $120 or more wasted on it each year is the first thing to go in a financial pinch like a recession! There may be some hope for it if they can figure out how to sell you a radio and include a lifetime subscription in the price. Or the same thing with a car. My guess is that there are 10,000's of cars running around with Satellite radios in that the aren't working!

I have another idea, why don't they get corporate sponsors for it and give Satellite Radio to the masses or is this just another richboy toy? Or here's an idea, why don't they sell commercials on it and give everybody that is interested free Satellite? You know there already is a similar radio system called National Public Radio and it has a real small listening audience too, maybe they could merge with them? Either way, it's overkill in the capitalistic marketplace! For it to survive, they are going to have to do something radical or it's curtains for Satellite radio!

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