Saturday, February 16, 2008


The recent insanity out of Berkley California is yet another indication that we should indeed allow them to secede from humanity once and for all!

I don't know much about Berkley before 1965 or 1966 other than it was the town in which the huge Berkeley Campus of California University. Which in the middle '60s, was the center of the Free Speech Movement. which spawned the sex and drug culture that was the Free love Movement. Honestly, it was probably not Berkley's whole fault, the Vietnamese War was escalating and that started a firestorm that swept across the nation at warp speed.

That said, Berkley has nurtured and fanned the flames of anti-US sentiment ever sense! So I would like to propose that Berkley be allowed to become their own country, to run as they please. And then, maybe, we can turn it into the slag heap that it deserves!

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