Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Studebaker Golden Hawk 1956-'58

KL Nichols

One of the sexist cars ever built and in my estimation much better than the 57 Chevy was the 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk. It is powered by a 289 cubic inch engine with a Paxton-McCoulough super charger, which produced 275 horsepower. It had either an automatic transmission or standard 3 speed with overdrive, and a Studebaker twin-traction rear end (posi-traction). Other accessories include power steering, power brakes, seats and windows, "very rare" front seat belts, padded visors, and twin antennas. There were 4,356 made and it is believed less than 400 exist today (Remember my 10% factor?).The Golden Hawk's top speed was anywhere between 125 and 130 miles per hour. It could go from 0 to 60 mph in eight seconds. It also had the highest horsepower to weight ratio of any stock automobile in 1957. They were only made for only three years, 1957, 1958 and 1959.
I dare you to set it side by side with the 57 Chevy and then tell me it isn't better looking! I have never understood the 57 Chevy craze! When the 57 Chevy came out it looked cheap, as a matter of fact, the 1958 Chevy looked a whole lot better! I even dated and ugly girl to drive her Red 58 Impala!
Back to the Golden Hawk, NADA says that the average price for a 57 Golden Hawk is $20,300 and the average price for a 57 Chevy Bel Air Sports Coupe is $28,600 and just because I mentioned it the 58 Bel Air Impala 2 Dr Sports Coupe is $24,000.
The 56-58 Golden Hawks are "one of a kind", the company no longer exists and the car is no longer made, but by exercising my imagination I can visualize the absolutely beautiful 2006 Golden Hawk and it doesn't look like the Easter Eggs that the car manufacturers are trying to force down our throats now! You know the ones all made of plastic and when they need fixing you need an MD to work on them, no sirree, not my 2006 Golden Hawk, when it needs fixing, I would just borrow a bobby pin from my date and fix it. What do you mean, "What's a bobby pin?". Sheesh…

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