Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The crusher is coming to Christy's auto salvage in Leavenworth, Kansas

I just found out this afternoon that an old junk yard in Leavenworth, KS is preparing to crush their entire inventory. The yard opened in the 50's and the are being forced out by the City. The Owner, Randy, would like to sell complete cars and in some cases parts, to anyone rather than crushing them. The crusher was supposed to arrive already but has been delayed at least a week due to the recent rains/floods.

Please do not reply to this message as I am telling you everything I know in this email. The yard is open evenings until dark and Saturday and Sunday. This will probably only last until May 21st or so. Most cars are $200 to $300...or less. One particularly nice and complete 54 Chrysler 2dr with the hemi is $500 or so. Most of these cars are rough and I would estimate that 33% are restorable or rod-able. The rest would be considered incomplete parts cars. Many are rusty, many have some rare equipment intact. Some glass is good, some stainless is good, most pot metal is not usable. Most of the sheet metal is bad at the ground level if you know what I mean.

You can go to Craig's list for more info and a few phots that do not do the yard justice.
Kansas City search: Leavenworth for
Old Salvage yard closing in Leavenworth KS (Pictures)

The following list is partial and represents my best recollection:

10 or 11 - 50s and 60s panel trucks and sedan delivery's
Busses, lots of busses
Busses full of doors and hoods,
Chrysler airflow (37?)
Airflow tanker truck, poor condition, most of cab gone, tanker is there,
Old auto transport trailers, 3 or 4
Old moving van trailer +/- 30' long
Pickup beds full of hub caps and wheel covers
30, 40, and 50s sedans and coupes, Chevys, Packards, Plymouths, fords, Olds, Buicks, etc etc
Caddy hearses and a few limos in the late 40s and 50s
3 each 38 or 39 Packards
1940 Chrysler
1948 Windsor 4dr
1968 barracuda
1955 (or 54) Ford 2 door wagon complete
Several 54-55 Fords
Several edsels including a few wagons
1949? dodge truck panel
3 each 1959-60 imperials
A few nashs, frasier, fiats,
Lots of corvairs
several cab over trucks
one old steam shovel
2 or 3 late 60's mustangs
Rear ends, engines, trannys, wheels, etc

I am guessing 200+ cars and 50+ trucks from the 30's thru the 60's

The yard is about one mile West of Leavenworth Kansas on Highway 92/Spruce street. Drive West out of Leavenworth on 92 until the road curves South, you are there.

Christys Auto Salvage 16595 Springdale Rd Leavenworth, KS 66048-7603 (913) 682-2121

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