Friday, April 13, 2007

1955 Mercury Montclair Custom

1955 MERCURY MONTCLAIR Two-Door Hardtop

The Montclair was the top of the line in '55. The Montclair had a lower roof line than any of the other models. Although just over 71,000 were manufactured, they seem to be rare today. I attend a lot of car events and hardly ever see another one.
This Merc is customized and has many, many modifications. Up front, the hood is nosed and louvered. The grille and bumper are custom. The headlights are frenched. The doors and the trunk lid have been shaved. The taillights have been tunneled. A power antenna is frenched into the rear fender. The Merc has dummy spotlights, lake pipes and fender skirts. Outback is a Continental Enterprises continental kit. These are quality kits, and are the best available!

The interior is upholstered in gray cloth and has a gray vinyl headliner, and deep pile gray carpet. The front seat is showing some wear. The dash is nice and has Autometer gauges. The steering wheel is Blue Metalflake. The car has Vintage Air, power steering, cruise control and many custom teardrops dash knobs.

The trunk is upholstered in gray carpet material including the spare tire cover.

Under the hood is a detailed 351 Cleveland engine that was totally rebuilt about six years ago. The auto trans was rebuilt at the same time. The car has air horns under the hood. It has dual exhaust with Smithy Mufflers. The front end has been rebuilt. The car has been driven about 23,000 miles since everything was rebuilt.

Car magazines say that stance is everything. This car sits right! The front end has a lowering block kit and the rear has lowering blocks and Posie's springs.
This Merc looks good, sits right and goes down the road. I drove this car to California and back with no problems.

This car has been driven and does have some imperfections. The right taillight has cracked where it is tunneled and frenched. There is a small bubble on the lower right rear quarter. Some of the stainless trim has some blemishes. Overall, the sheet metal is very straight. The car is not wavy.

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Fly in and drive home, this is a great car!

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